20 Questions with your Uber Driver!

So my last day of my trip in Chicago, we had about an hour drive from the city to O’Hare. One of my colleagues from Michigan got an Uber with me, and while on our ride, we decided to have a little fun. This wasn’t your ordinary Uber driver. Nebraska, a.k.a Big Nastee GG. I’ve never experienced a trip like this before. I had to share the experience!


Chicago Trip


In January 2018, I took a trip out to Chicago. The last time I was in Chicago was almost 7 years ago (2011), when the New York Yankees came back to play the Cubs at Wrigley Field for the first time in 100 years.

When I first visited Chicago, we were there for a few days, shopping, sight seeing, and going to the Yankess/Cubs game. Of course 7 years ago, things were much different. We were only using the iPhone 4, cameras weren’t what they were, and LeBron James was just playing his 1st season in Miami. So this time while I was visiting, I figured I would shoot a vlog on my way out!


Team Baker

A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer. Chris and I go back almost 8 years ago where we started working together at a Verizon Wireless Retailer. Instantly, we became great friends. Always staying in touch, and never finding a dull moment.

You don’t usually think about cancer, until it impacts you directly. Let it be a friend, family member, or even you that gets diagnosed. At first, I just let it simmer, and then I started thinking about it more and more. I didn’t really know what to think, feel, or even express how I felt deep down. Until, I decided of letting it out with a video of our friendship. Sometimes we all struggle to find a way to express how we’re feeling, and this was my way of expressing everything I was feeling…

Hot Air Balloons Over Paul Brown Tiger Stadium – Massillon, OH 7/30/17

So over the last few months I’ve become a very big fan of drone footage. I feel that they are one of the best things to ever happen for arial photography, especially those that could be on a budget. With all the different drones out there, I’ve decided to use the DJI Mavic Pro. This small compact drone can be folded up and thrown in a book bag, and has some incredible specs. Here’s some footage that I captured on Sunday at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. Feel free to drop a like and subscribe to my channel! Thanks!


Myrtle Beach 2017 Vacation

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here, and my has it been busy.  I have been learning a lot about filming video, editing, and more editing. One thing I have learned along the way, is that to take your time and edit as you go along. I’ve been so caught up in shooting so much footage, that I’ve had zero time to edit.

I have about 4-6 videos that need to be completed, but I’ve simply haven’t had any time. We just got back from our family vacation to Myrtle Beach, and my plan all along was to make a daily vlog and post it the following morning. I had a great routine down, but then a few things happened. Fist thing was on Day 2 I was transferring my content from my SD card to my MacBook Pro, and for some reason it corrupted the files on my SD card. That gave me a big set back. the next one was getting a really bad cold and being sick for about 3 days to where I had no energy to even pick up a camera or open my laptop.

With all that said and done, I was able to create a video that highlighted some great things that we did during the week. I’m still going to look back at the footage and see if there’s anything I can pull to make a vlog, so we shall see! In the meantime, enjoy this video and keep a look out for my upcoming ones!

T-Mobile aims at Verizon.. That was quick..

Less than 24 hours after Verizon announced the shocking news (and going back on their words) that they were releasing an Unlimited data plan, T-Mobile has fired back.  That didn’t take long at all. Some may argue price between the carriers, but let’s be honest. Say you’re driving on a road trip in the middle of the nowhere and your car breaks down, what’s the first thing you’re going to do (besides trying to update your status/tweet/selfie)?  Hopefully some of you were right, make a phone call for help. Most likely, Verizon is going to be your go-to when it comes to cell coverage. For those that are saying “T-Mobile and other carriers are cheaper!”. Yes… yes they are.. However, when it comes to shopping for a cellular carrier, you simply will get what you pay for.. Plain and simple..

Regardless of who you choose to go with, here are the details on T-Mobiles new Unlimited Plan. What’s everyone’s thoughts?screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-8-55-26-am