Lets Party Like It’s 2011…..

Yes, 2011 was when Verizon Wireless decided to move to tiered data plans.  Anyone that was still on an unlimited data plan was “grandfathered” into it. A few years later, they started to charge those with unlimited data $20 more. A downfall that users had also was that they were required to buy their phones at full retail price (up front) if they wanted to keep it.  Once the “Edge” name turned into “Device Payments”, Verizon actually let these users put full retail cost for a phone on device payments.

So now it’s 2017.  Some big things are happening.  After multiple high ups said Verizon was never going to bring unlimited data back…they did.  I mean who really sticks to their words anyways?  I mean, President Trump said he was going to build a wall… Sorry, I had to add a political joke in there.  All jokes aside. Verizon will be announcing on 2.13.17 the full details behind their new unlimited data roll out.  I was lucky enough to get some additional details and pricing for what will be happening.  Are you going to be switching to the new unlimited data plans? See below for details..

UPDATED: 2/13/17

So after digging into this more.  I have found out that if you have an employee discount through your employer, that this will not work on this plan.  For example, our current plan we have $90 plan, with a 22% discount coming off that making it $70.20.  If I would switch to the new unlimited plan my bill would jump about $40. Now I understand that this unlimited plan may not be for everyone, but a jump of $40 seems a bit steep.



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